Hello Blogging people, “Welcome, to my Blog”.

So A little bit about me, my name is not pumpkin Bunny Bear, its is Felicity, a few people call me Flick, and one person calls me Mummy, well he doesn’t yet, its more like MumMumMumMum, he also calls my husband this, his toys, his bottle, pretty much everything at the moment, but he is only 7 and a bit months old.

In the past people have called me Fel (Which I hated, Its just lazy I know my name is long but please!), Phil (This I found a bit strange as I always think of Phil as a man’s name, however I just went with it…) and that’s about it.

One person calls me wife, well he doesn’t actually call me wife, that would be a bit strange, he usually calls me Felicity. I’m just trying to say I’m married, have been for over five glorious years.

One person calls me daughter, again this isn’t actually the case, but for the purpose of telling you about me… That’s my Mum, who lives down in East Sussex, she moved about 18 months ago after my dad passed away.

She lives with her dog Freddy, who is a real cutie, but also a handful.

I think that maybe enough for now… But my aim is to write up, sorry blog about life as a mum, a new mum. What I do, what I like and what I see..

I’m currently on maternity leave, but don’t plan on going back to work until my son is at least two, hopefully not until he starts school, but we shall see. Anyway I keep getting off point…

Hello and goodbye until next time.. xxx


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