I love to use beauty items, however since becoming a mum, I have a lot less time to beautify myself…

So I’m going to be putting together a list of item that I have found to be must have’s now that I’m a mummy…
Called Mummy Beauty Essential’s * (not a very original title, I admit!!)

Number 1

The first item I really can’t live without is Nail Inc’s Caviar Topcoat, which is a super glossy, fast drying topcoat, so not only do you get very shinny nails, your polish dries really quickly after applying a coat on top of your usual nail polish (Doesn’t have to be a Nails Inc one!). I think it says 45 seconds, it is quick drying but not sure it’s that quick!!

I think this stuff is amazing, I’ve got quick drying nail products in the past, and never really been that impressed but this stuff is brilliant!!

I have always loved doing my nails, it’s always been a way for me to spend a few minutes just being able to tune out doing something for me, and turning my nails in to many different colours. Depending on my mood I can either be vampy red, cute baby pink, disco queen glitter or if I feel like it arty nail artist by trying out nail art and with Nails Inc Caviar Topcoat, I can still do this when little boy is having a nap, which is super duper!!

Nails Inc have updated their packaging, I think with slightly bigger bottles, I’m pretty sure that they haven’t changed the formula (I hope not!!) so the photo you see is the old school bottle. As I’m almost out, will be restocking soon.

*N.B – You do not need to be a Mummy to use any of these products, they are also to useful if you don’t have much time…



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