My almost 8 month old son, has been a little grouchy for the last week or so. I thought it was teething, as about two weeks ago I noticed that his bottom gum had a slight split, thus a tooth was on its way!! Over the next few days the tooth started to come out. So put his grumpiness, temp, difficulty to settle down to this (he had a few other symptoms, which I won’t put down as it maybe TMI!!).
However on Saturday evening, he was so out of sorts, only sleeping for really short bursts and then crying uncontrollably, this went on all night my husband David and I where shattered, and baby X had less sleep than us, so I can only guess how he must have felt, poor little man.

Sunday afternoon David got him to go down for a while and after that he seamed to turn a corner, not a 100% but getting better, we hoped.

Over the next day or so he seamed to be getting a bit better, then the spots started to appear… To be continued

*photo from web
Find out more about Chicken Pox here


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