With beauty products that are a little more expensive, I always try and see if I can get sample size versions before I shell out my money.

As it’s a massive pain if I get something and it brings me out in a rash, doesn’t do anything or I just don’t like it, especially if the item wasn’t cheep!
Also as I’m inclined to hang onto them and try and finish them up, and I get the beauty buying guilt if it’s on my bathroom shelf for ages, and then end up either giving it away it throwing it out.

So now I always try and look for smaller sizes versions, or ask at cosmetic counters if I can try a sample before I buy.

This is just what I did with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I have read so many positive reviews on the concentrate that I was really keen to give it a try.


Initially I was a little unsure how much to use as the concentrate had a poppet to dispense the liquid, so I had a look online it it said three to four drops would be plenty.

I applied it every night for a few weeks and really felt and saw a difference.

Even though I only had a 4ml sample size it lasted for a few weeks.

It has a lovely relaxing lavender sent, but it is not over powering, the serum is not sticky or too oily.

My skin didn’t feel amazing the second I applied the product but I did notice a difference to my skin over the two weeks.

As I’m in my mid thirties I don’t have lots of lines, but I do have a heavy frown line on my brow, which I have got from years of frowning and squinting so I’m always on the look out for products that will make this look less noticeable. Which I feel this has, so I will be repurchasing the full size soon.
Get the full size version here


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