I’ve never really used eye cream that regularly before, as I’ve not thought I needed it!

However as I’m now in my thirties, I thought it was time to start using something!
Also having had a baby and the eight to ten hours I used to get, are a long gone dream!

I do get dark circles and my fine lines are getting a little more noticeable, so anything to help this I think is a good thing!

For the last year or so (since before I was pregnant) I have been a lot more careful about what I put into and on my body.
I don’t like to use products with too many chemicals, this was especially important for me, when I was pregnant, as I didn’t want to do any harm to the little boy in my belly or to my body when it was so busy making a baby!

So I spent time trying to find products that were more natural.

This is what drew me to the Balance Me range.

The fact that the Balance Me. Extra Care Wonder eye cream is from 99% Natural Origin, and marketed as beauty that works naturally, pulled me in. Plus it’s also created in the UK, another strong point for me.

The cream stated on the pack that it “Helps to revitalise, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines” which is just want I wanted.


The cream is very easy to use, just lightly pat and smooth a small amount around the eye area, unlike some eye creams that I have used in the past, it doesn’t sting (I do sometimes have sensitive skin) or dry out the skin or leave it feeling greasy.

It has a pleasant smell, very spa like and natural.

I felt that the results were good, I didn’t think they were amazing, but good, my under eyes seamed more refreshed.


I think I would get it again, and look forward to trying more products from the range.
Get it here


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