I needed a new shampoo & conditioner and saw that Schwarzkopf’s Essence Ultime Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s where on offer so thought I’d give them a try!


I’d seen a few print adverts for the shampoo’s, to be honest I’d really only paid attention as it had been developed with Claudia Schiffer the 1980’s/1990’s super model, who I used to have a bit of a girl crush on…

She still looks amazing BTW!!

As usual the shampoo line had different versions for different hair types. I went to the Crystal Shine Shampoo and also the same conditioner.
Which are for Dull to Normal hair. My hair is a long and can be a bit frizzy, but I liked the idea of Crystal Shine and I also like pink and that’s the colour that this Crystal Shone version uses!
The Shampoo says on the bottle that it’s “Glamour boosted shine million used reflections with liquidised crystals” which sounded pretty awesome!

It’s a very lightweight formula , it even says on the bottle “Zero-weight formula” & “Gentle Formula” which I would say it is.


It lathers well, you don’t need to use much, I go between washing my hair daily and every other day, I don’t think it made it too dry by using daily and it wasn’t too greasy leaving it a day between washes.


The conditioner is also very light and feels very gentle, it’s not that deep working and felt it could be used after every wash, which I did, unless I used a hair treatment (intensive conditioner etc.)


Both the shampoo & conditioner have a light sweet smell, which doesn’t smell amazing but is nice and pleasant.

My hair did shine more afterwards and didn’t feel weighted down at all, it felt lovely and light.

However it was a little more frizzy than normal, but then this wasn’t something that the shampoo & conditioner where supposed to be helping, so I should have maybe tried another version for a different hair type, which I will do next time.

Overall I thought it was a lovely product to use and look forward to trying again.

Get the Shampoo here

Get The Conditioner here


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