I absolutely love The Body Shop’s Body Butters, they are my favourite body creams ever.

I always stock up when The Body Shop have a sale on, as £13 for a Body Butter is a little pricey, especially when you can get them for half that on offer.

I’d not tried the Brazil Nut Butter before, as it is aimed at very dry skin “Hydration for Dry Skin” I do get dry skin in the colder months of the year and when I saw it on sale I thought I’d get it for winter…

The Body Bitter is made with community fair trade Brazil nut oil from Peru, and is 24hr hydration, two things that I find very appealingly.

I also love the fact that with products from the body shop they don’t use too many nasty chemicals.


The actual sent of the cream is quite sweet, I’d always thought it looked a more masculine cream, but it’s definitely unisex, it’s cream is a little heavier than other Body Shop Body butters, but then it’s aimed at people with very dry skin, so that makes perfect sense!

It’s easily absorbed into the skin, and made my skin feel refreshed after use, it isn’t sticky, I use it every morning after my shower and get dressed as soon as I’ve applied it and that’s absolutely fine, no need to wait for the cream to soak into your skin!


I love this cream, however as I only suffer with dry skin in the colder months of the year and I don’t really need a cream that is for dry skin, I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to get this one again, especially as there are so many other scents to choose from.


I do have to be reminded that I can’t eat the cream, as it smells lovely…

I’m not sure if they have stopped selling The Brazil Nut body butter as I couldn’t find it online, however Click here for The Body Shop and other Body Butters.


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