All that glitters…

I love doing my nails, its something that I have always done, I can’t actually explain the excitement that I get when they are finished and all shiny…


What I use to get festive fingers!!

I love Barry M polishes, they are not that expensive, and come in lots of colours.
I especially love the Gelly Shine nail paints, not as good as Gel Nails, but not that far off.

Don’t forget the basics

I didn’t used too use a base coat and have paid the price with horrible yellow nails, so make sure you start with a good one and finish with a top coat too, as this will make the polish last longer.
I love using Nail’s inc, for both base and top coat.


How to do it….

I start with Nails inc.’s caviar basecoat and let this dry for about 5-10 mins.
Its good to let it dry as you don’t what to start on a bad foot (or finger, hehe!!)
Then I apply the nail colour, as it almost christmas, I’m using a lovely cherry red colour from Barry M, its actually called Blood Orange (443), but it looks a festive red to me!!

Painting the town Red…

I apply two coats of this polish, waiting about 5 mins in between coats. This polish goes on easily and doesn’t smell to much either…


Its a kind’a Magic

I then apply the glitter, this one is also from Barry M called Starlight (439), I find I only need one coat of this one.
This is my favourite nail polish! It has glitter and starts, its amazing…



Don’t forget the topcoat

Nails Inc. Caviar top coat is also brilliant, it drys nails in 45 seconds (maybe a bit longer) I leave them 10 mins afterwards, just to make sure they are really dry.
This top also leaves nails supper shiny.

Christmas on your nails

I so love this look, I wish I could wear it all year long….


Barry M Website

Nails Inc. Website
*please note I have also put this on eBay guides


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