I’m going to start this review to say that I do know who Tanya Burr is but I’m not a follower of her YouTube channel or her in general, so I didn’t get this because I’m a fan of her.

I purchased it as I thought the colour was pretty, I was also after a light/pastel pink for spring and I been given a Tanya Burr nail polish in the past and been impressed, with durability and drying time so thought I’d give this one ago.

The polish was around £6, which was OK, I wouldn’t say it was budget, but it’s also not at the high end either.

The bottle is fairly sleek, but also very girly and cute, I assume to appeal to her young followers.

The colour is a very pretty light pink, which is very easy to wear, as its fairly discreet, not too “in your face” which is just what I was after.

I started as I always do, with Nails Inc. Caviar Base coat, which I think is great. As it helps keep the polish on longer.

I applied three coats and left it around 5-10 mins between coats, I think I could have got away with two but I wanted a good coverage to my nails.

I then finished with the Nails inc. Caviar top coat, I use that as it speeds up drying time and gives a lovely glossy finish.

I think it’s a great polish and have used it without the nails inc. top coat and found it drys quickly and stays put for 2-3 days, even without the extra nails inc protection.

I love the colour and really like the polish, can’t wait to try some other colours!

Click here for the Nail Polish 

Click here for Nails Inc. Base Coat

Click here for Nails Inc. Top Coat


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