I absolutely friggin’ love Body Butters from the Bodyshop, they are my favorite body moisturisers.

I love the fact that there are so many different scents to chose from, I have however been drawn back to the Peach body butter a few times!!

I read a review a few weeks back of a few items from the peach range and after that I had to get another pot of fabulous cream!

For some reason I used to hate peach as a smell, it always reminded me of the 80’s most properly because my mum use to be a fan of peach back in the day… I’m pretty sure we had peach scented everything for a few years. However now I just love peach!

It’s such a lovely summery scent, and like all body butters, it’s so great on the skin!

Not sticky, it dries quickly, has a lovely light scent it’s just great!

The pots last me for about a month, I use every morning after showering as I have fairly dry skin, so I do need to slap something on pretty quickly after getting out the water, and find this body butter does the job!

It’s very hydrating and I don’t feel I need to top up during the day, it’s a lovely cream!

The scent does fade fairly quickly but that’s not really a problem, as I don’t mind not smelling of peaches all day long!!

At around £13 a pot I think it’s an ok price, I do however usually stock up when they are on sale which they are about 3-4 times a year, so I usually get the cream for around 50% off which is awesome!!

Next time I may try a driffrent scent, but maybe not….

I couldn’t find the body butter on The Body Shops website, but they do have it on Amazon Amazon link

Otherwise have a look at the other Body Butters available at The Body Shop Other Body Butters at The Bodyshop link


One thought on “Product Review – Bodyshop Vineyard Peach Body Butter 

  1. hey thanks for this great review, i have this body butter too..agree with you that the smell fades very quicky, and unfortunetly it doesnt do much for my superdry skin:( it is still dry next day after application…:(


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