As I humm along in my mind to that classic ‘Rock’??!! Song from the early 00’s by Staind! (Anyone else remember that one??) 

I realised that it had been ‘a while’ since I last blogged anything…

Life with a 14 month old can get busy, even if the days are very similar… I am a stay at Home mother or a SAHM and look after my little boy while my other (better) half goes to work. 

I did love working and do (shh) still miss it every now and again but after we had a little boy we wanted one of us to be at home with him for the first few years. 

I started this blog, so that I’d still have something that was about me… I love make-up and beauty products, even if I’m not that great at using them!! So I thought I’d post about that…. But every now and again, I’ll post about mummyhood, how does that sound?

Anyway, I’m sorry that it’s been a while… Click here for Stained Music Video


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