Ha, so after my last post and saying I wouldn’t post so many beauty reviews, what am I posting…. A beauty review!!

A few months back I was reading about the top 25 must have products in Stylist magazine (Stylist link), I can’t find the original link, but found it on Sheer Luxe, this is the original post that made me want to try it…

  I’m such a nail polish fan, I use it almost everyday, so anything that makes removing my polish quicker is a hit in my books, plus being a mum, time is not always on my side! 

I picked up mine from Feel Unique as I had a voucher, I find them a great company to get make-up / body products etc. from, plus prices are usually the same as the high street.

First impressions where good, cute small bottle, easy to open (not that I usually have difficulty, but sometimes they are more complicated than they need to be!!)

Scent is pleasant, Red Fruits & Vanilla, I’m not sure I’d say it totally smelt of fruits and Vanilla, but the smell was a lot sweeter than normal nail polish, and not so chemical.

I love the ease of one pot, as sometimes I run out of cotton wool (not so much these days, with a little one) which is a pain as I can never get a paper towel or tissue to work, so end up just applying another coat, which never looks that great.

A real plus for the one pot idea!

However on first use, I found the foam in the bottle a bit odd, I’ve always hated velvet, it’s one of my pet hates, it makes me uncomfortable, odd I know… if I was a cat, my back would be up, I just hate the feel, the texture, everything about it … And it reminded me of velvet!  

However I thought “Felicity, you are a grown woman, don’t let it beat you…” So I gave it another go!! I will admit after I got over the weird’ness of the foam feel, I found it good, if not great. 

I do have slightly sensitive / dry skin and after use I do need to use a hand/nail cream as finger tips felt dry, my nails where great, due to the almond oil (I guess) however!

 It also took longer than a second, but not too long, a couple of turn arounds and nails are free of polish!
Overall it’s an ok product, it’s very easy to use and if you don’t have my fear of velvet it’s great. However I’m not sure I’d get again, maybe if I saw it on offer, it’s usually £4.99 so not too expensive,I’m interested to see how long it lasts for, I’ll update you when it’s used up…  Click here to purchase from Feel Unique


4 thoughts on “Product Review – Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover 

  1. I have one of these too, and I loved it at first. The problem I’ve found is that if I use it to remove a colour such as red, it ruins it. After every use I find the ends of my fingers are stained red. Not quite the look I’m after! But the idea is good x


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