I’ve had this book on my to read list for ages, I quickly picked it up after reading The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets Eva’s previous book, which I loved.
Both The Misinterpretation of Tara Judd (TMOTJ) and The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets (TLAOKS) are set in the past, with TMOTJ set in the 1960’s and TLAOKS in the 1950’s.  

I love Eva’s way of really transporting you back in time to a very exciting era. In TMOTJ the central caracter Tara Judd, is a young girl, who having suffered a loss at an early age, pours herself in to her loves of singing and horses. 

  The story follows Tara as she is discovered by a family friend who hears her singing, how she starts on her journey to musical stardom and the people who she meets on the way and how she becomes a woman and gets away from her past.

I love the way in which, you as the the reader is transported to a different time, a more innocent era.

Eva Rice has a special way of writing about the past, which I love, so I really liked this book, not as much as TLAOKS, I felt it was a bit over long in places, and went into too much depth into some characters that we didn’t need. 


But overall I’d recommend it, a great easy read for anyone who is a fan of pop music, the 1960’s or both.

  Click here to purchase from Amazon 


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