After saying in one of my last reviews On Superdrug’s Dry Shampoo which I hated I would go back to my usual Batiste Dry Shampoo I came across this little spray from Tony & Guy which was on Offer in Boots. It was only a small 100ml bottle so it didn’t really matter if I didn’t like it, (as usually if I don’t like a product, I still try to use it up!) This Dry Shampoo is so small it won’t take long to use up!


However I was very happy to try this out! It smelt ok, not too overwhelming, it smelt lighter than other dry shampoo’s that I have tried, had a fairly nice.

Being a small bottle I thought It wouldn’t last for anytime at all, it lasted about a fortnight, I used it every other day on my long thick hair.

It’s the perfect size to take away on a two week holiday!

I liked the packaging, clear and modern and an easy to use bottle.


I thought it was great and I’d get this one again, I wouldn’t get the 100ml I’d go for the full sized can, unless it was for a holiday. 

It is however almost twice the price of Batiste Dry Shampoo so unless it was on offer I will stick to my usual brand, but it is a great alternative dry shampoo.

It worked on my hair, kept it cleaner for longer and felt fresher, it did what it was supposed to do!

If you would like to try it Click to purchase 


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