This is a little different to my usual posts, as they are usually about make-up or beauty!

However last weekend we got some tickets to the Baby & Toddler Show at Sandown park, in leafy Surrey! 

I have been to a few baby shows before, one when I was pregnant with Baby X, and then two others when he was around three months old and then when he was around a year old. The first one was at Earls Court, (I think!), one at Bluewater and the other was also at Sandown park.  

The first one was by far the biggest and most probably the most useful as we were still in need of getting bits for baby, we did already have a travel system, if we hadn’t had this, the show would have been an essential part of having a baby! 

Bluewater was OK, useful that it was in a shopping centre so we could have a look around the shops afterwards!

Sandown Park was interesting, but I don’t really think we are the right people for the show, but as we are having baby number two, we thought it was a good idea to have a look around, we were very interested in looking at double buggies! 

On arrival, we picked up a goodie bag, that had a few new born baby essentials, such as wipes, nappy cream etc. plus a new baby bottle!

We thenhad a look at the show guide to see where everything was.

First stop was a nappy changing room, they have everything that would need, so no need to worry about supplying your own nappy! 

Only annoying bit was it was upstairs, so had to lug buggy up these, not many tho! They also had a baby feeding area, not something we needed, but awesome for new mum’s!

So many things to look at, but like with all these shows, the people at the shows want to make a sale, so you can sometimes feel on the receiving end of a hard sell! Also they are busy, but we only wanted a look at pushchairs so didn’t need to talk to anyone! If we had of wanted to talk to someone if wouldn’t have been too much of a wait though! 

We also got a few free samples and picked up a few things very well priced!

However after an hour, we were done, luckily we got some complimentary tickets, they tickets aren’t that expensive anyway!

If you are pregnant with your first, I’d go, especially if you are yet to get a pushchair, even if not to buy, just to have a look! 

However I think I’m done with going to baby shows now, as we have been to a few, plus we have most things that we need! 

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