Over the last year or so, I have become a fan of roses, I’m not gonna lie, it maybe an age thing… But the idea of having a pretty little cottage in the countryside is staring to appeal… Not the low ceilings tho!! 

I just love the look and smell of Roses!! 

I was given the woods of Windsor set, which contained Moisturing Bath & Shower Gel (350ml) & Moisturing Hand & Body Lotion (350ml) and instead of being horrified, thinking I’m not old!! This is something you give granny, not a lady in her prime!! I was actually delighted.

The packaging is very pretty, not twee or for a more mature person, I think it’s sweet and girly! 

The actual products are lovely, lightly scented and good for my slightly sensitive skin. I got thought the shower gel in half the time of the body lotion, but this is normal for me!!

Overall, I was delighted with it and will be either asking for it again or repurchasing!

Click here, for Bath & Shower Gel

Click here for Hand & Body Lotion


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