On Saturday I got an email asking if I’d like two complimentary tickets to see Jamie Cullum at the O2 the following evening.
The concert is part of Blues Festival UK, or bluesfestuk, which also had performances by Van Morrision, Tom Jones.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Jamie Cullum, and as a mummy of a 20 month old I don’t really get to go to many concerts any more, which my pre-mummy self would shake her head at, very vigorously! But we really don’t have the time or spare cash!

I’ve been to the O2 a few times, but never the Indigo at the O2.

It’s an awesome little venue, I’m not sure how many people it can hold, but it’s not massive and it feels fairly intimate and the sound is good.

We sat, in the balcony to the right of the stage, so we couldn’t see everything on stage but most of it.
Seats are lovely and comfortable, with lots of leg room, which as a tall person I love and close to the loos and the bar.

Jamie came on at 8 and performed for over two hours, I’m not familiar enough with his music to tell you all the songs that he played with his usual band and 12 piece big band, but a few covers where in the mix too.

Some of his songs had a real modern feel and also had a real American swing/ Gershwin feel! (Gershwin is one of the greatest composers and pianists of the early 20th century).

Jamie really is a great performer, putting so much energy into his performance with an awesome voice and very personable, I felt like I’d gone to see an old friend.

 I would definitely go and see him again and will listen to his music a bit more.

Thanks to Show Film First for the tickets!


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