I do feel that most of my posts are on Dry Shampoo… Well that’s what being a mum does to you… Anything that helps save a bit of time!!

Sorry… But anyway… Here’s another one…

I picked up a bottle/can, of Toni & Guy Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo, which is “Light Grip & Soft Definition” I got it mainly as it was on offer and I like Toni & Guy products, so thought I’d give it a go…  

The can/spray looks sexy, the fact it’s called Perfect Tease, made me think my hair would look full, with texture after use! It sort of did, it did  seam like it was aimed more at giving texture that fixing a bit of unwashed hair, which wasn’t what I was after, but then it does say on the can “”Dry, lightweight formula provides the right amount of grip and volume to help create sophisticated hairstyles” which I should have really thought about before I got it…

However I still liked it… It wasn’t the best Dry Shampoo, I’ve ever tried or even the best spray at creating texture and volume, but it’s OK. However as its around £7.50 for 250ml usually, I don’t think I’d get it again, just because I think you can get far better, for a lot less.

It has a nice scent, the best dry shampoo that I’ve ever smelt actually, but that’s not enough to to make me get it again.

If however you’d like to try it Please click here!


4 thoughts on “Toni & Guy Classic Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo 

    1. It could be you haven’t found the right one for you! I used to think the same as you and didn’t think they did much for my hair!!

      I get up spray my hair, rub it in a bit, stick in a top knot for a bit then style as normal! I found Batiste best and best value too!
      However it could be I’m just less picky than I used to be… Hehe!! xx

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