Wowzers, how did that happen, one minute I was sitting in the sunshine in flip flops and then wham bam it’s 2016! 

It’s a sign of getting older I know, but really time is flashing by!! 

I’m currently sat, well laying on my bed sorting out my hospital bag! As in less than a month babychino will be making *its appearance! BC (babychino) is currently having a little party in my belly, which is always fun!! 

Well my main reason for posting is to say happy New Year… A baby post to follow with what I’m packing in my bag, might be a good one, what do you think?

I do remember last time following the advice of what to take in my hospital bag, and almost needing a full suitcase, then not using most of it, so this time…

Family Selfie time, taken over Christmas! 

*gender Unknown this time!


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