I am a big fan of La Roche-Posay in general for my sensitive skin, as it is so gentle and really works!

Sometimes products that are gentle don’t do much but La Roche-Posay does!

It gently cleanses face, eyes (removes eye make up, inc. mascara) and lips and is paraben-free, so no nastiness! 

It’s so easy to use, apply a small amount to cotton wool and wipe over face, no rising needed.

It really removes make-up and doesn’t sting like some Micellar solutions can! 

Not only is the solution Paraben-free, it’s also soap free, alcohol free and colorant free.

The 200ml bottle lasted about six – eight weeks, using it once a day, I guess it would last for a month if using twice daily.

The soloution didn’t have much of a scent, it just smells slightly sweet, which I liked. I would certainly repurchase. 

It is around £12, a bottle which is a little on the  expensive side, but if you have very sensitive skin it is worth it.

Have a look at La Roche-Posay’s website for more info.


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