I have to admit that I use my flat irons a lot, pretty much every day! As I have long thick wavy hair and I prefer how it looks straight than natural!  
I’ve used a few heat/thermal protector sprays in the past, which have been OK but I’ve never found anything amazing, also the sprays that I’ve used in the past have used lots of chemicals which I’m not too keen on! 

This spray from Art Naturals is a lot more natural than anything I’ve tried before, which I loved.

  The bottle looks sleek but also with an ethical edge. 
It’s very easy to use, I’ve used it on freshly washed hair and second day old hair (I wash my hair every other day) and it worked well for both types of uses.

The spray is a bit thicker than I was expecting (see photo).

On freshly washed hair, I waited until my hair was almost dry and then I applied a leave in conditioner and then sprayed in the Art Natural Thermal Spay and combed through and left it for around 5 mins to soak in. I used between 8-10 sprays (I have thick long hair) as this seemed best for me!

I was a little worried that if I used too much it would make my hair greasy, but it didn’t.

The spray smells nice, reminds me a little of sun cream and summer holidays, which is nice on a winter morning!!

I found the results very good, but I’ll have to use it for a few months to see how my hair is when it’s due a cut.

On second day old hair, I applied dry shampoo to the roots and rubbed in as I usually do, then sprayed leave in conditioner to the ends and then used 4-5 sprays of the Art Natutral Thermal Spary. Again I was worried if I used too much it may look greasy, but it didn’t. I thought it worked well.

Overall my hair seemed soft and more manageable and didn’t frizz up as much in the rain, I really like using this spray.
 This photo is on day old hair, pre spray use.

This photo is post spray/flat iron use.

I would have given the product 4 out of 5 as I would normally only spend around five pound on a thermal spray and this spray is a lot more than that, hence the four stars.
I received the product at a discounted price for an honest review.

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