I have wanted to get a beauty blender for a while, as my make-up can sometimes look cakey as I have combination skin and thought that a blender may help with that, but most reviews that I’ve read have been very hit and miss, with many different brands of beauty blenders, so I was unsure which one to go for or even if one would work and as they are around £5-£8+ I didn’t want to waste my money on something that didn’t work or something I wouldn’t use.  
However I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this beauty blender. 

After reading plenty of reviews I knew that you had to wet the blender before use, which I did and then put the blender between my hand to push the water out. 

  I then put some of my usual foundation on my hand and patted the blender into the foundation to be used on my face. 

I did a similar motion with the blender on my face (as did when putting the foundation on the blender), I think I may have used a bit more foundation than normal, but it did give a lovely dewy look.

It says on the box to wash the blender with cleanser after ever 1-2 uses, I did it after 2, as after every uses seamed a bit much. I also used baby shampoo (as I use on my brushes, instead of a special cleanser) I gently put a bit in my palm and then dabbed the blender into the shampoo and lightly pushed into the blender, then used warm water to wash it out, pressing the blender between my palms every now and then to get rid of the water, until the water ran clear, which didn’t take that long, then left to air dry.  

I really liked the results of the blender, but I do wonder how long it will last for, but will be getting another. 

I received the beauty blender for free in return of an honest review.

Click here for more info, or to purchase


3 thoughts on “Luxe Elixir Beauty Blender 

  1. I haven’t heard about that one but I love my original Beauty Blender. Few days back I wrote a little review about it while also comparing BB with Real Techniques sponge. You might want to check that out 😉 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊👌


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