I’m a big fan of nail polishes/ vanishes and love changing the look of my nails with different styles. However I have only used a few sets of nail wraps by different makes and manufactures over the years!
I liked the look of the Gold Union Jack design, slightly kitsch, but also cute too! 
The nail wraps came in cardboard pack that had the wraps, a nail buffer/emery-board, Orange stick and instructions.

They were fairly easy to apply, first removing my old nail polish, and shaping my nails up, I then selected a wrap that was the correct size for the nail. 

With the sets that I had used in the past the wraps had been on a clear backing, this made it easier to work out the correct size, this set was on a white paper so it wasn’t as easy.   

After you selected the the wrap for your nail, all you have to do is stick it on, I then used the orange stick to smooth out the wrap and then filed the wrap down, after i had done this, I used the buffer to smooth and afix the wraps to the nails. 

I found it was fairly easy to do and took around 30 mins and I say that I’m fairly happy with the results.

The package says that the wraps can last up to 10 days, let’s see… 

I will be careful when washing up and having a bath as the hot water can make them come away. So always use rubber gloves when doing dishes and I try and keep my hands out of the hot water in the bath. Overall I think they look nice and would be keen to try another design from this make!

I received the nail wraps for free, in return of an honest review.

Click here to purchase the Nail Wraps


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