I had wanted to try a face mask sheet like this for some time, as I had been hearing such positive things about them. The mask is packaged in a brown paper packet, with instructions that are very clear.  The packaging looks ethical, I guess as its brown paper (giving me the feeling, that it would be kinder to my skin and not using too many chemicals) thus I instantly lost any apprehension I had in using the mask.   

  I found it easy to put on my face, (just remove from packaging and lay it on and wait 20-30 mins and relax!) It felt great while I had it on my skin and afterwards my skin felt lovely and soft, not tight like it is after using some products.

I love it that it contains no parabens, no alcohols, no phthalates, no sulfates, no fragrance and good for all skin types, other than very sensitive skin.  

Also I wear contact lenses and sometimes if I use a traditional cream/gel face mask it can go into my eyes when I wearing my lenses, so I have take them out, which is a pain as I can’t see a thing and it’s not really practical to wear glasses when using a mask, especially a sheet mask!! However I didn’t have any issues at all! 

I really liked using this product and think my skin looked better after using it.  

I received the mask at a discount, in return of an honest review.  

Click here to buy via Amazon
Sorry about the scary photo of me in the mask! 


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