So I have written a long post, which I haven’t shared yet as I wasn’t sure it would be of any interest, but on Monday 1st Febuary babychino (Baby Number 2, the Bear from PumpkinBunnyBear) turned up!

Another little boy, Hugo George weighing in at 8lb 6oz, slightly smaller than his big brother.

 This time around the birth was a lot easier (still blinking painful!!) and he has continued to be so… Not sure I’ll still be saying that come next week when hubby goes back to work, with two under two at home, but let’s see!

Well I digress a little as I also wanted to quickly recommend a beauty product!

Since little bear’s arrival, I’ve had such dry lips, and they have been so painful and sore in the corners (I had this at the end of my pregnancy but it got better, on its own eventually, after trying almost every lip product that I own (and I own a lot!!)) I guessed it was hormone related… However 3 days ago it came back… Agh… Anyway ages ago my Dad gave me a lip balm from Asda, it was fairly cheap too! I thought I’d give it a go, I slathered it on, all around my mouth, whenever I remembered and within a day they were back to normal, I honestly could not believe it!  

Unfortunately I can’t find it online, and as I’ve had it a while the packaging may have changed, but if you are Asda, keep an eye out!

It’s just called Asda Mint Lipbalm protects & moisturises.

The only mint one I can see online is This one but not sure how similar it is…

Thanks for reading, I must get back to the boys…


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