Wow this product is great, I haven’t been using it for that long but it’s so easy and effective. All you have to do is hold the ends of the hair remover in a U shape, then let it gently go back to its natural straight shape and slightly role and turn upwards and that’s it…   

I find it very satisfying to use, as you know it’s working when you feel that slight pinch. 

  I wouldn’t say it will replace my tweezers as if I had a specific hair I wanted to pull out, it may not pull it out, even after a few attempts, but it will work alongside them.

As I have fair skin/hair I’ve never really needed to go down the facial hair cream removal route, I just pluck if and when I need too and find that the facial hair remover is great for this usage, I’m very impresed. 


In the pack you also receive Brow Shaper, which I have only tried once, its to remove the fuzz around your brows (you can’t use the facial Hair remover on brows, I guess this is why you receive the Brow Shaper in the pack!) It seems to work OK, but I only really wanted the facial hair remover, so its an added bonus that I got the shaper too! The only annoying thing is that you don’t get any instructions on the pack on how to use the brow shaper, but you can easily look up on the web.
  I received the item at a discount in return of an honest review.

Please click here to purchase
Thank you for reading my post 

Felicity xx


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