I am always on the look out for more natural beauty products, as I don’t like using too many harsh chemicals on my skin. I also have slightly sensitive skin, so have to be careful with the products that I use. Sinivalia Anti-Wrinkle Face Rose Cleanser, is so gentle and seems to me, to be very pure and natural.

The skin tonic can be used as a cleanser/ toner, to remove make-up.

I use it after my usual cleanser as a toner, it essentially rose water, Ao very delicate.

  It obviously smells of rose, which I love, it’s very light and not at all over powering. 
It’s so delicate on my skin, but does also work on mascara, maybe not as effectively as an eye makeup remover, but very well. 
As I wear contact lenses, I have to be careful as some products really irate my eyes but not this one.
I’m not 100% sure on the Anti-wrinkle, reduce the appearance of fine lines claim, saying on the bottle that it stimulates the skins natural renewal process to reveal younger looking skin, but I have only been using it for a few weeks. I also love the fact it’s non-toxic, free of colours, paraben and sulfates free and also suitable for vegans.   

Overall I’m very pleased with this and will continue to use it, in place of my usual toner.
I received the cleanser at a reduced price, in return of an honest review.

Click here to purchase from Amazon
Thank you for reading my review 

Felicity x 


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