I have been a big fan of Nails Inc. London for a while, I love the different colours and treatments that they produce.  

I also love getting lucky dip beauty items, as even though you may have purchased it yourself, you don’t know just want you are getting so it’s like getting a present from yourself!   

This set is five 10ml Nails Inc., Nail polishes. I got the following in my set

Sheraton Street

Warwick Way

The Serpentine

Mayfair (Ballet Sheer)

Hampstead (Beaded Polish)
I’ve never tried either a Ballet Sheer or Beaded Polish before, so was great that I could try these.
Three of the polishes are in various shades of Blue. Sheraton Street, is a lovely Baby Bluey/grey colour. It’s a great colour for spring. 

 Warwick Way is a Bluey/green and the serpentine is a navy blue.


 Mayfair is a frosted cream/white and Hampstead is coral/orange with glitter. 


I really liked this collection of polishes, and think that the price is good for five, as they can be around £10 each.
I found that the polishes lasted well, Nails Inc. does seem to last a bit longer than other polishes, I do always use a base coat (not inc.), to protect my nails, especially useful with darker polishes, to prevent staining!
I also use the glossy Nails Inc. quick dry topcoat (not inc. in set) to speed up the drying.

I received these polishes at a discount, in return of an honest review

Click here to buy the set from Amazon
Thank you for reading my review 

Felicity xx


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