I’m very pleased with BeBarefaced 3 in 1 Eye Gel, its very refreshing and soothing around my eyes.   
I’m a very big fan of this gel, I’d never used anything from this brand before and look forward to trying out other items from it, and I’m very impressed thus far.

I only have a few fine lines, under my eyes, but I would say that my eyes seem a little more refreshed and possibly less lined. However I have only been using the gel for a short length of time, I think if I use it for a little longer I will notice more of a difference.  

The gel combines 3 powerful ingredients Marine collagen, Argan oil & Vitamin E, I love the fact that the ingredients are so natural, as I have fairly sensitive skin, I do have to be careful with what I use and this gel has been fine!

  Also I wear contacts lenses so again my eyes can be sensitive, but I haven’t had any problems, plus I’ve used it with my lenses in and out and my eyes have been fine! 
Overall I’m very happy with this gel.
I received this eye gel for free in return of an honest review. 

If you would like to purchase please Click here

Thanks for reading my review

Felicity xx


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