I love doing my nails, painting them in many different colours, but as I had a baby not so long ago, I don’t have the time to repaint them, when they chip.   
Plus my nails have also been in a very bad state, cracked and braking easily, due to breast feeding and baby taking my calcium. 

I have had a few gel manicures in the past, which I’ve always been happy with! As they seemed to protect my nails and they last so much longer too (10-14 days)! 

 The uv lamp turned up quickly and was well packaged in a large box, the unit was bigger than I was expecting though, as when I’d had my nails done in the past the lamps had been a lot smaller, about the length of my hand, this was about the length of my hand to elbow!  

 I had to insert the UV lamp bulbs, but this was very easy, I did need to apply a little more pressure than I expected, I was worried that I’d break something but it all seemed strong enough! 

The instrustions were clear and easy to follow, the only thing it didn’t say was that you need to remove the protective film over the slide out tray, but I guess it was obvious.  

 Very easy to use, with an switch that you either set to timer, off or on.

Do bear in mind that all you get in the box is the lamp, so you will still need prep wipes/liquid, base coat, top coat and your chosen colour.

It’s as simple as prep with wipe or liquid, then apply base, 120 sec under lamp (set to timer) insert hand, do not touch anything with nails, apply colour x2 (120 seconds under lamp each time) top coat (120 seconds under lamp) then wipe/liquid to set, It’s very easy!! 

As the lamp is fairly large you do need a fairly large area that’s straight to put the lamp on to use and storage wise, once the unit is together unless you take bulbs out it doesn’t fit in the box that well.

Other than its size I’m very pleased, my manicure lasted 7-10 days this maybe due to my skill on the varnishes I used, I got a nude colour to start with as I felt any mistakes would be less obvious!

Click here to buy from Amazon.
Thanks for reading my review

Felicity xx

I received the Unit at a discount, in return of an honest review.


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