I’m a big fan of Insta Natural products, I love the fact that they have less nasty ingredients and are more natural.  
I wanted a new face wash as the one I had been using, didn’t really seem to work that well and even though it was supposed to be gentle and good for sensitive skin, it seemed too harsh for me, however this face wash from Insta Natural is great and so easy to use.

I am only using it, once a day, at night, at the moment! (But I will switch to twice a day, when I have used up my old face wash).

I wet my face, squirt one pump of the wash on to my hand, I really massage in the wash (one minute or so, of rubbing the face wash in!) and then rinse off with warm water.

The product, is like a gel and doesn’t have much of a scent or any colour, maybe a very slight orange colour, to the gel.

The face wash does make my skin feel a little tight after use, but it does make it feel very fresh, soft and clean.

I do need to use a Moisturiser afterwards, but I would anyway, so overall I’m very happy.

I received the face wash for free in return of an honest review.

Click here to buy from Amazon
Thanks for reading my review

Felicity xx


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