This review is a little different to normal, as it’s not a beauty one, but I got a new pair of Wayfarer shades, from a brand called Silli, so I thought I’d share with you, what I thought.

I have to admit that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to sunglasses, as I do have a lot of pairs. In my defence I do have to wear contact lenses, and if I get something in my eye, it hurts like… Well that’s my excuse (or one of them, if hubby is asking…)  

The sunglasses turned up fairly quickly and where packed in a Jiffy bag, which was more than enough protection as the glasses come in a fairly large and strong case.
The actual glasses look very stylish, yet also classic, I went for gloss black, with black lenses. I love the fact that there are so many different options.  However as I hope, they will last a while, I thought a classic black would be the best colour-way to go for.

The glasses are very light, a lot lighter than I was expecting. They seem to be well made and fairly robust.
I haven’t tried bending them, as it shows in the photos (advertising the sunglasses), but as I have two young children I’m sure one of them will have a go at some point soon!!
I sometimes find that sunglasses can be too tight across the bridge of my nose and leave a mark, these don’t, they are very comfortable and don’t move around my face, but stay put which is good.

 I’ve worn them on a long walk and even when I got a bit hot (and sweaty! (Nice!!!)) and they didn’t slip, like some sunglasses can.
I think that they look very stylish, I had been lusting after a pair of Wayfarers for a long time, and was going to go for a pair from another make, by a very well known brand (Ray Bans) , which are about double the cost of these, however I got these instead. 

The Sili glasses do seem very similar to Ray Bands, in looks and branding, Sili printed on the lenses and the branding on the arm of the glasses. I would say that they aren’t as desirable as they other brand, but they are very nice.  

I love the polarized lenses, and find them very clear when wearing and using them when driving in the car, I find they really cut down on the glare.
As they are light, they are great to wear for long lengths of time.
I did think the case, that came with the glasses was a bit big, but you also get a small cloth bag to store the glasses in, plus a cleaning cloth.


I received the sunglasses for free, in return of an honest review, and to be honest I most probably wouldn’t have got them, if I hadn’t got them for free, mainly as I knew nothing about the brand, so I just wouldn’t have thought of them.

Which would have been a shame as they are great sunglasses, and I am truly delighted with them.

Please click here for the Amazon link if you wanted more information or to buy.
Thanks for reading my review!

Felicity xx


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