I was after a new set of make-up brushes and this collection from Zebaas, looked great, with a brush for all my needs! 
I like to use synthetic brushes, which I like to use. I mainly use Real Technic brushes, but thought I’d give this set a go.

The case looks nice and is useful for keeping the brushes in, nice that it has a magnetic clip, to make it simple. I’m not too sure what the little zip compartment is for, but it’s nice to have. 

The quality of the brushes is good, I wouldn’t say that they are as good as others in my collection (Some a lot more expensive) but very good, especially for the price.

The brushes don’t seem to lose bristles, which is great, they are also very soft.

I use the largest brush for my face powder, the next for powder blush or bronzer.

 The next one for foundation.

 Then two for eye shadows, the one which has a slant, to do my eyeliner and a lip brush and one to brush my eyebrows.

 It’s a great selection, overall I’m delighted with the choice and quality and use these brushes along side my others, and fell they are great editions to my brush collection.

 They are easy to wash (I use baby shampoo, plus lots of warm running water) and work well after cleaning.
Overall I’m delighted with the set and think it would make a great started set, as everything you could need is included.
I received the make-up brushes at a discount, in return of an honest review.

Please click here for more information or to buy from Amazon
Thanks for reading my review

Felicity xx


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