I was mainly drawn to this cleanser as it has Manuka Honey in it, which I love… I also liked the fact that the product is hypoallergenic, paraben free, sulfate free and fragrance free. As I’m trying to use products with less nasty things in them! 

  The bottle isn’t that big, it has 118ml/4oz. in it, but big enough! I have swapped this one for my usual face cleanser and I have also been using it as my body cleanser too, as its so good! 
The liquid isn’t too runny, so it doesn’t go everywhere like some more natural products can. 
  It’s also a beautiful iridescent cream colour, which looks slightly golden.

It’s lightly foams when you massage in water, I like products that foam!!
It applies easily and is very smooth, cleans well and you don’t need to use a lot for it to work.

  No scent either, which is a little bit of shame as I do like the smell of honey, but then it’s nice to use products without any fragrance. 
The product also doesn’t dry out my skin, or make it feel tight after use, I assume this is to do with the PH 5.5, which is “Perfectly balanced to your skin’s natural biology”.

I found out my husband has been using the cleanser too… He also loves Manuka Honey… I did wonder why the product was going quicker.
We both really like this cleanser and it’s also great for sensitive skin, with no reaction for either of our delicate skins! It is good for all skin types.

 I received the cleanser at a discount, in return of an honest review.

If you would like to purchase Please click here from Amazon or to find out more Click here

Thank you for reading my review

Felicity xx


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