I was looking forward to reading Missing, Presumed as it looked like it would be a gripping thriller in the same vain as Paula Hawkins, The Girl on The Train and I wasn’t disappointed.

Missing, Presumed starts with the disappearance of Edith Hind. What has happened to her? Is something sinister at play? (I think you can maybe guess…)

The reader is introduced to her family, friends and the team who are investigating her disappearance.

  Edith Hind is a slightly alternative academic, who is in her early 20’s, studying in Cambridge, living with her boyfriend and being supported by her affluent Parents (who have close ties with the Home Secretary). 

Then one day her boyfriend returns home to find blood on the floor and Edith is nowhere to be found.

The team investigating her disappearance, include DS Manon Bradshaw who at 39 is worried that her life is passing her by, delve into her past to try to find out what has happened.

The book like Hawkins The Girl on The Train is told from different perspectives, which I found a good way to get the narrative moving.

  The story is told from many different angles, including Edith’s parents, boyfriend, best friend, and those investigating the crime. 

The chapters on the whole are short, which was great for me (I have a 11 week old!) but I still found it a very easy book to get into and also an easy read.

The story has many twists, and kept me guessing until the end.

The characters are flawed, but I found them on the whole to be fairly likeable, with issues!

I really enjoyed reading this book and will look out for Susie Steiner’s other book Home Coming.

  I received this book for free, in return of an honest review.  

Thank you for reading my review.

If you would like to purchase Missing, Presumed Click here

Felicity x


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