I have to admit that I only got a uv lamp a few months back, so I could do my own gel nails at home, so I’m by no means an expert. 
I have also only ever used a few brands Elite99 was actually the first brand I tried (not this pack!) and I was impressed by it then and this pack of six is no different.

It took a while to turn up, but within the estimated delivery timescale, but was in perfect condition on arrival.

Initially I thought all the colours looked very similar, so I was a little disappointed, however I have used 5 of the six colours and I would say two of the gel colours are similar but the rest have enough variety.

The pack has one light glittery pink, one white, one light pink (the type you’d use with a French Manicure) one warmer pink (slightly peachy) and two very bright pinks (these are the ones that are very alike). The only colour I wasn’t too keen on was the White, but this could be used for French manicure tips.

I did have to use three coats (along with base-top coats and all the other gubbins!) but I felt the colour went on well and they were reasonably easy to use. 

Thee colour lasted around a week (the white only lasted a couple of days, but to be honest, I didn’t really like it so didn’t mind having to re-do my nails!) I think they could last up to 10 days, if you took greater care, wearing gloves, not doing washing up etc. But that’s not really an opinion for me, with two young children!

I was very impressed and would purchase for this brand again, overall I was delighted with the set and would love to try a darker colour set (maybe reds) next time!

I received the gel colour set at a discount in return of an honest review. 

If you would to purchase from Amazon Please click here

Thanks for reading my review 

Felicity xx


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