Shock horror, this review isn’t beauty related, it’s about felt tip pens… Oh My…

I’m going to start this review, by saying that I’m absolutely delighted with these fine nib felt tip pens!!

When I was a child I loved colouring in and as I’m sad and old, I’ve really got into the adult (not adult in a dodgy way!) colouring in “craze” (as you read this imagine I’m raising my fingers and bending them in the air, a’la quote marks!). 

I have a few different colouring books and think it better to go for one of the better ones (Millie Marotta’s etc.) as the paper is thicker so you don’t get the bleeding through the page like you do with the cheeper books. However I’m going off topic…

This pack is a great selection of colours, good for the beginner or the more advanced colour’er’in’er as I think I am now… 

I find the pens great and give the results that I want. 
The lids do need to be pushed back on tightly to make sure the ink doesn’t dry out, just wait for that satisfying click! 

They don’t smell overtly either, which I like. 

Oh one slightly annoying thing, you can’t put the lids on the bottom of the pen when colouring in, but this doesn’t really matter that much.

I’m very happy with this set, please do not feel that they are only for people like me, who enjoy to spending any free time, I have colouring, they have many uses, well as many uses as felt tip pens can have! 
I would like to point out I received the pens at a discount in return of an honest review. 
If you would like to purchase from Amazon Click here

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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