I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Baby Bath from FrezyDerm, which was great as I have two little boys, a 16 weeks old and a two year old! 
The two year old absolutely loves baths and has a one almost every night, plus he’s a big fan of Bubbles!!

The bottle is a good 300ml size, I’m not sure if this is standard size as it says on the box 100ml free (so 200ml + 100ml). But I’m pretty sure that this size of bottle will last us a while.

The Baby bath is for washing little ones, and can also be use on young babies, which is ideal for us! 

The baby bath is very gentle, as it says that it is in “Respect of baby skin physiology” and “colour-parabens free”, and has been “Ophthalmologically Dermatologically Tested”, which really puts my mind at ease as I do worry about what goes onto my little ones skins, especially as I have slightly sensitive skin myself.

The baby bath is with “Chamomile, Almond Esters and Wheat Proteins” and smells lovely, slightly sweet but very light! It has been designed for everyday bathing and cleaning of the delicate nappy area.

The baby bath is pretty much a clear liquid, not too runny or sticky and the pump works well to dispense just the right amount of liquid in a couple of pumps to clean little ones skin.

I rub the liquid between my hands and it lightly foams. My little boy also loves rubbing it in his hands too, to make the bubbles appear!

As the baby bath is lightly perfumed both my little boy’s smell extra delicious as we get them ready for bed.

We haven’t had any nasty reactions and my toddlers skin, which can sometimes get a little dry seems great, with less dry patches, I can’t really say if it’s made their skin any softer, as they have fairly soft skin already, but my hands feel great after using it!

Overall I’m delighted with the baby bath and will have a look at the other products for babies and toddlers from FrezyDerm! 

If you would like to have a look at the website Please Click here
If you would like to purchase the Baby Bath or find out more Please click here

Thanks for reading

Felicity x 


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