As I suffer from both sensitive and dry skin, I was absolutely delighted to tryit 


Initially I was worried that the body lotion would be too medical, as it appeared similar to creams that I have been prescribed by my doctor, with its name and also the look of the packaging and also the very nature of the product made me think this way! 

However I was very pleasantly surprised, the actual cream didn’t really have much of am odour, thus it didn’t seem either medical or clinical, which I liked! 

Also the cream was a lot lighter than I was expecting! I was expecting something heavy and sticky, it is neither, again another positive from me!

The cream quickly sinks into my skin, with no greasy feeling, and I didn’t have to spend ages rubbing it in either!!

I use the cream once a day in the morning after my shower and have been using it for around a month in place of my usual body cream and I have noticed a big difference. My skin feels and looks softer and healthier. 

It really has made a big difference, I’m delighted with it! 

Also I haven’t had any reaction on my sensitive skin. 

I do need to point out that I received the body lotion for free, in return of an honest review. If I’m being honest I doubt I would have tried it, had I not been sent it to try out, but this was just because I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but I’m so happy I got the chance to use it, as it is so good. 

If you would like to purchase from Boots Please click here!

Thanks for reading Felicity xx


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