As I’m in my mid-thirties I am starting to worry a little about ageing and have stated to use more creams that focus on this aspect of skin-care. 
I had used a cream that had Peptides in it, in the past and been very impressed but I hadn’t used a serum or ever used anything from this brand before.

The actual container was smaller than I was expecting, but I know that serums last extremely well, as you use less that you would a cream, so I know this bottle will last a while. 

I found the pipette easy to use, and when I filled it to around 3/4 full, it was enough for a full face and neck application.

The actual serum wasn’t oily or sticky and didn’t have any particular scent, if any! 

It applied well and easily and it absorbed into my skin quickly. 

I do have a few wrinkles around my eyes and also a few deeper wrinkles on my forehead, which I do worry about.

I have been using the serum now for around 10 days (morning and night, with my usual skin-care routine!) and have notice a difference, my skin looks and feels better, I think the deeper wrinkles on my forehead look less noticeable.

I do surfer from slightly sensitive skin and have had no reaction from this serum. So far I am very impressed. I would definitely use this serum again.

The only negative is the price, with a RRP of around £100, which I wouldn’t pay, it’s a lot less than this on Amazon Click here to purchase.

I do however need to point out that I received the serum for free in return of an hones review. 

Thank you so much for reading 

Felicity xx


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