I have used a few products from Dead Sea Spa Magik in the past and been very impressed, but I hadn’t tried an eye cream before. 
As I am now in my mid thirties, I do now need an eye cream for those first signs of ageing! So I have been hunting for a good eye cream. One that will sooth my tired eyes and help get rid of fine lines and dark circles. 

In the past I have found creams that have soothed my under eyes or initially look like they will fade dark circles but nothing that does everything that I need or really works, until I tried the age response eye cream, and I have to say I’m very impressed.

I have been using the cream for around 10 days now and have really noticed a difference, my eye area feels lovely and refreshed and the dark circles don’t seem as bad. I think I can notice a slight difference with my fine lines, but I do think I need to use it a bit longer to notice a huge change! 

It is a light cream that absorbs easily and quickly into my skin, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky either.

As I also wear contact lenses some eye creams can irate and sting, however I’ve noticed no discomfort so far, even when using it in the evening when my eyes are tired and in the summer can get slightly stingy, they have been fine.

I also love the fact that the product is very natural, as I have really been trying to use my more natural skin care items, its great that its paraben free and I have a bit of an obsession with Jojoba Oil, which this eye cream has in it, along with the Dead Sea minerals.

I would say that the results are impressive and the claim on the box that it “Gives impressive results fast” really is true. I’m absolutely delighted with it and so far it’s my favourite product from Dead Sea Spa Magik.
If you would like to find out more, or purchase, please click here

Thank you for reading

Felicity xx


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