For the last four summers I have either been trying to get pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding so I’ve been unable to use traditional medical hayfever remedies. 
My doctor also said it was best to avoid using them plus I didn’t want my baby (or future baby!) to consume any unnecessary chemicals either.  

So I was delighted to be sent a sample of the spray to test out, as I’m currently a new mum and breastfeeding.

The spray is different to anything I’ve tried before, as its a dry spray, so feels very strange in comparison to other nose sprays.

The first time I used the dry spray I just used it as I would a normal spray, don’t!! Just press lightly, so you can work out how much you need to use, once you have used it a few times you’ll know! As I squeezed it to hard it was unpleasant, and I really got too taste the peppermint powder, which wasn’t very nice! 

To use you need to blow your nose, and shake the container (Up to you if you do at the same time!! 😜) the n 1 spray in each nostril.

I use it 2/3 times a day, and have been using it for almost two months over the summer (each bottle has 200 sprays!) and I think it’s really helping with my hay-fever.

I don’t get such a runny nose any more, and feel a lot better since I’ve used it, I do need to point out that my hayfever is mild in comparison to a lot people who I know, so I’m not sure how effective it would be if I suffered very badly, but if either you don’t like or can’t use chemicals I would try it out! 

Just be careful on first use!! I really wish I had discovered this a few years back! 

Once open the bottle lasts for six months oh and can be used on children from 18 months.

For more info, or to buy click here
Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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