I’m a big fan of InstaNatural products and have tried a lot of products from the range!
This facial cleanser is lovely, it doesn’t have any scent and isn’t too runny or sticky. It’s just great to use!
The Glycolic Facial Cleanser is also a Anti Wrinkle, Fine Line, Age Spot & Hyperpigmentation Face Wash, my skin does feel lovely and soft, but I have only been using it for a few weeks, to really see the results I would need to use it for a lot longer!

The claims that it Clears Dead Skin & helps with Pores, is correct but again I do need to use it for a lot longer to reap the full benefits.

I use it twice a day, to cleanse my face, and find it wouldn’t really well on my skin.

I found that the cleanser was very easy to use and my skin felt lovely and clean.

I have slightly sensitive skin, but have, had no reactions to this cleanser. Sometimes my skin can feel a little tight after cleansing but it didn’t after using this one. My skin actually felt lovely and fresh and soft after use.

The only thing I’m not too keen on, is the packaging, I think a pump would be a lot better, thus making it a lot easier to use. 

I do really like the packaging, it’s my favourite out of all of InstaNatural’s products that I have tried so far, the design is fabulous! 

The cleanser also does a great job of removing mascara, even waterproof!

I do need to point out that I received the cleanser at a discount or for free, in return of an honest review.
If you would like to find out more, or purchase from Amazon, Please click here

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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