This is the second mask that I have tried from 7th Heaven, and I have to say it’s great!

This mask isn’t aimed at any particular skin type and can be used on any skin type.

This mask has crushed witch hazel, pressed tea tree and pressed willow and targets problem areas to calm and clean up skin impurities.
To use its as simple as cleanse, apply, leave for 20-25 minutes (I left it on for 30 minutes!) and peel off!

To start with I did find the mask a little stingy (I have combination skin, which can sometimes be slightly sensitive), and my face did go a little red, but this only lasted a couple of minutes, I would say maybe this mask isn’t suited to very sensitive skin. 

However after this passed it did feeling very soothing and I loved the refreshing scent! 

I found the 10ml a great amount and covered my face, without any left over or not enough.

It was a little sticky on my hands, after I’d applied it, but after I’d washed my they did feel lovely and soft!

I loved the peel-off effect, which was also very easy to use. I didn’t really need to wash my face afterwards as the mask came away quickly without much residue.

My skin looked and felt great, I will try will be trying this one again!

It’s also only a £1.00 in Boots, Click here to purchase, or for more info

Thanks so much for reading

Felicity xx


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