We were very kindly sent a Bic Kids Drawy Book, with the story of Marty & The Alien, the idea is you get a story/colouring-in book plus felt-tip pens and you download an app, which makes the story come alive once the pictures have been coloured it!

My son is a bit too small for the Bic Kids Drawy Book, as he’s only 2.5, (it’s aimed at 5+) but he still loved it! 

He’s pretty obsessed with my i-phone (actually any phone!), so he loved having an app just for him… 

I like the fact its not just an app, its so much more. 

I explained to him about the book, that he could colour it in, with mummy’s (and daddy’s!) help and then using the phone (App), he could discover more. 

Its very easy to set up, just download the app, and it shows you how to set everything up, I did this with my son and he liked being involved with this!!

The app asks you to select which story you have and once you have coloured in a picture you scan the app over the page to have a real interactive experience, which my son very much loved. 

He is a little too young for this, so he did lose interest after a while (This is due to his age, not the product!), I thought it was great as I had worried that it maybe too much technology, but it isn’t. 

The book is around £10, which I think is a fair price, as it is more than just colouring in book, it’s combing technology and creativity… a great idea and if my son was over four I’d be getting more books.

For more information Please click here or To buy from Amazon

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx


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