Cava, isn’t something I ever thought I’d be reviewing, drinking, Hell Yes!!! But reviewing, nope!!

However I was very kindly sent three bottles from Freixenet, to test out, with friends and family!

I am very familiar with the brand, (as I love a sparkling alcoholic beverage) however for no real reason, I usually choose Prosecco over Cava, not too sure why, as in all honesty they taste very similar (To me anyway!!)  however I am a fan of a few other beverages from Freixenet, so was very happy to be trying this Cave Ice. 

Freixenet ICE, has been designed to be enjoyed over Ice. Freixenet’s wine makers made it a little richer, by selecting the best blends.

Also it can be mixed with extra flavours, the “Perfect Serve” is 3 Large Ice cubes, in a large wine glass and decorated with mint! Which is how I mainly had it! 

The ice really gives it an extra dimension, giving it a little kick. I really liked it super cold!

It’s also perfect for making cocktails, I loved adding lemon for a sharp twist… 

Everyone who I shared it with also loved it, found it a great drink for a girls night or relaxing summer drink once the kids are in bed, it’s just great, I’m not just saying this after a glass or two (hehe…) honestly it’s a lovely and refreshing drink! 

Obviously, it’s always good to drink safely to enjoy the full flavour…

I will getting this again, and if you are a fan of sparkling wine, I’d recommend it, why not give this a whirl. I’d love to know what you think too!

Thanks so much for reading

Felicity xx    


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