I’m a very big fan of body butters, and was very lucky to be sent a tub of Dead Sea Spa Magik Moisture Therapy, Triple Oil Shea Body Butter, I love they way that body butters moisturise my skin, using natural oils and butters. With the oils and butters really penetrating the surface of the skin, making it feel super soft.
This body butter is a lot creamer than anyone I have tried before (and I’ve tried a lot!) on the tub it says to use a good amount, which I do… I have been using it for almost two weeks now, daily after my morning shower and love it! 

It is very creamy, but not oily and I don’t have to leave it any longer than I have to using any other body butter/moisturiser.

My skin feels great after use, super soft and very refreshed, I really love this cream.

It also smells like a holiday! The coconut is strong, I wouldn’t say that the scent stays that long after application, but really don’t mind, I actually prefer it like this.

I would get this body better again!

Thanks so much for reading
For more info or to buy please click Here
Felicity xx


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