Another slightly different post to normal, I have been after a fitness tracker for a while, but I didn’t really want to spend a lot as I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of one. But I didn’t want to get a very cheap one either, so I thought that this one would be a good starting point.

The tracker came in a small box with instructions, (which weren’t that easy to follow, had to get my more technically minded husband to set up!) and a small USB charger. The rubber on the band wasn’t as soft as I was expecting, but its fairly flexible. I do have fairly small wrists, and I think if you have very small wrist this one may not work for you, as I was almost on the smallest setting, So I found it a little fiddly to get on, but once its on, its on!  

Having used the tracker for a few weeks, I find it fairly actuate, and easy to use, I love the functions and find it very helpful to keep track on my my fitness throughout the day! 

I use it with my iPhone 5S and found it easy to download the app and set it up. 

I find the heart rate, great and easy to use. The SMS reminder is useful, a envelope appears if my phone has any kind of message (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsap etc.) Sometimes it will give me a few letters of who has sent me a text message, but this is a bit hit or miss, to be honest a bit more miss, than hit! 

The time display is great, as I don’t really need to wear a watch any more. The selfie/shake photograph is nice to have and it works, but I’ve not really used it!

The caller ID doesn’t really work, it does tell you when you have a call, but it does also randomly tell me I’m getting a call, when I’m not, I think this may happen when I lose sync, which does happen more than I’d like… 

The sports record, with Steps, Distance, Calories, is excellent. 

The sleep monitor is ok, on the whole this works (to work in the app you need to pull down the app, to sync!) but I wouldn’t say it was 100%. 

Overall I’m happy with band and glad I got it, however I did receive it at a discount, if I’d paid the full amount, I think I may have been a little disappointed. However I do think it’s a good, basic (but not cheap band).

If you would like to find out more, or to purchase from Amazon Please click here

Thanks for reading!

Felicity xx


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