I was very kindly sent a few samples of Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair dye. 

I used to dye my hair all the time, but since being pregnant and then breastfeeding, I haven’t… 

So was excited to try it out!

As a strawberry blonde, I have really grown to love my hair colour, I always wanted it lighter and brighter, as it was when I was a child, but as I’ve got older I have fallen in love with my natural colour…

However as it was summer, and I’d just had baby number two I thought I’d give it ago!

Also the Salonist is great for covering grey, this isn’t really a problem for me. Not yet anyway…

When I unboxed the dye I was a bit overwhelmed by all the bits as I was used to the chemicals, the colour (which I’d mix together) and a conditioner, this kit has a lot more parts!

The kit treats Roots and Lengths separately, just like getting your hair dyed in a salon, hence the extra bits!

It wasn’t that difficult to prepare, and was fairly easy to use.

As I have sensitive skin, I was a little worried that I may have had a reaction, but it was fine and easy to do a skin test pre-treatment too!

I actually found the hair dye very soothing on my scalp, no unpleasant feelings or sensations like I used to get!

I felt the results were good, and natural too! However some other colours from the range are more dramatic… Intense violet and intense red to name a couple!

It’s lasted well, still looks good six weeks later so I’m very happy with it! I liked using it just to add a bit more life to my hair for the summer. I think I’d use it again, not all the time, just when I wanted to give my hair a bit of a lift!!

Here are a few pictures of my hair before and after, the one with sunglass is after, and other before!

And in the other pictures, the two at the bottom are after!

If you would like to purchase, then Please click here.

Thanks for reading 

Felicity xx


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