I’m not one to flush tampons down the toilet, I do know that they can be… I just don’t like the idea of it, from an ecological stand point or from the worry of a blocked loo!!

However I do worry about the disposing of them discreetly, so I was looking forward to trying out these, Fab Little bags! 

These little bags, sorry Fab little bags are great, a pack of 20 are a similar size to a pad, so not too bulky, and easy to pop in handbag or even a pocket (a large one!) 

The bags are a discreet bag, that is used to pop a tampon, intimate wipe, or even a pad (if you roll it up) in, after use. They can also be used with one hand, as the bags have little finger loops, and a seal, so easy to dispose discreetly.

Also they are “made from 35% organic material & oxo-biodegradable”, so not too bad to the environment either.

I really like the fact that you know the tampon (etc.) are sealed in a little bag, and with two little ones, who get into everything, I think they are great! I won’t go into any more details, but babies and toddlers pull everything apart, well mine do anyway 😳😳. 

Not that my children generally get into the bathroom bin, but it’s the confidence in knowing they are all sealed away!

The Fan Little Bags are around £3.00 and are available from most Waitrose Stores and Ocado online, plus Pink Parcel & Sanitary Owl subscription boxes and of course Fab Little Bag, where you can also find out more!

I was very kindly sent a sample to try out, and will be getting more!

Thanks for reading

Felicity xx


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